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Computers are machine that perform a specific task or calculations depending on the set of instructions or programs. In the computer servicing system, it provides learning and applications how to use the computer. On how to perform some of the activities related to computer. Our course CSS or what we called (Computer System Servicing). There are some activities that you will perform such as installing your computer, assembling and disassembling, networking PC to PC, making of RJ-45, trouble shooting, printing, networking with the use of access point, router, networking by group with the use of hub, installing windows, installing OS, you can also learn Microsoft word, power point, Photoshop designing and many more. Computer servicing system this trade us the combination of the application of software and hardware to give the students a good learning that the students can get in the area of (CSS) Computer System Servicing in this trade you can earn money in a simple and safety way. Computer System Servicing is a course that is very helpful to this generation or millennial.




In Computer System Servicing, there are advantages that the students may achieve or get. First you know how to manipulate you own computer, you can learn many things like basic Microsoft, you can learn how to install the Microsoft, games, and many more, you can improve your typing skills, you can know how to print your work, there is an activity that you can connect to the other PC, you can know the basic in hacking, you can learn how to repair your computer and lastly, you can learn how to connect to a WI-Fi from the others.


In every advantage there is always disadvantage in using or knowing in the trade area of CSS. The first is, you can’t do your activity if your system unit is destroyed, you can’t do your activity without proper instruction, you can’t perfect the activity without a connector called RJ-45, you can’t search or do your activity without the access of the internet and lastly, you can’t perform the activity without repairing your computer.


The use of CSS in this now future technological advancement is that the students can get more learning in computer in both Hardware and Software Application through understanding the technology that they are capable of their other skills. The students master the skills through exercising it and practicing it. Also, they can exercise hands on to the activity of the students that will allow them to learn the Application Hardware and Software.



Today’s young millennial, as technology has become more advance, we encourage you to have the Computer System Servicing as their TECH-VOC. course because this course can offer you better learning to enhance your ability in handling, troubleshooting, installing OS or application, and internet configuration of the computer. This TECH-VOC. course of the Sisters of Mary School-Boystown can give and offer to the students or trainees a NC II (National Certificate) to be used to their future work or life. This also offer to the students a higher education and training when they go to college as their choice of their career such as letting them hands-on computer in doing troubleshooting, installing, programming and configuring internet connections.